Malindi Tour

Malindi Tour

The Vasca da Gamma Pillar is the oldest remaining European monument in tropical Africa. It is the ‘Cross of Lisbon’ limestone with the Coat of Arms of Portugal. It was set-up by Vasca da Gama in 1499 to welcome ships to the harbour. It was located near the Sheikhs Palace in town but because of its Christian connotation, it caused discontent among Muslims and as soon taken down. Later under Portuguese insistence, it was set up in its present location in the 16th Century
The Portuguese Chapel is a small building built before St Francis Xaviar visited Malindi in 1542. It is here where St Francis buried one of the sailors who died on his ship. The Chapel’s southeast wall had a crucifix painted by the Portuguese. Outside the Chapel was a graveyard of Portuguese tombstones but today there are many modern graves among them the Malindi pioneer Commander Lawford of Lawford Hotel and J Bell Smith, the first British administrator in Malindi
Malindi Museum is located in the ‘House of Columns’ on the seafront, opposite the Jetty and next to the Law Courts. Exhibitions include the long history of Malindi town founded sometime in the 7th Century: showing contacts with many different parts of the world including China, Arab world, Europe and the Far East. There are also exhibitions on material culture of the local people: Giriama, Swahili and Indians. Indians traded with Malindi from the time of Christ. The Chinese knew of Malindi by 11th C, Arabs visited and wrote about it in the 12th C and the Portuguese were in Malindi in the 15th C, The British arrives in the 19th C and the town grew tremendously in the 20th C, as a holiday resort and became a district in 1997.

Morning or afternoon makes no difference what time this tour is conducted

Crocodile Farm AND Snake Park and Bird Falconry

Crocodile Farm & Snake Park. The farm has been established for over 30 years and it is a well known favourite attraction on the Kenya Coast. It is the home of over 1,000 Nile crocodiles of various ages and it also has one of the largest collections of indigenous snakes and reptiles in Kenya. You will also see monitors lizards, chameleons, a rare soft shell turtle from Lake Turkana, Leopard tortoises and large elephant tortoise. You can also have your photograph taken with a python or crocodiles at no extra charge. The best times to visit the Crocodile Farm are Wednesdays and Fridays at 4.00pm when it is feeding time!

Bird Falconry of Kenya –The falconry has one of the greatest collections of birds in Kenya. Their stock of birds covers eagles, falcons, goshawks and owls. You can also be treated to a bird safari to see the falcons at close range and watch them perform exciting flight shows

Lunch and refreshments may be taken after the tour at the falconry at the visitors own cost.

Malindi Handcraft Market AND Tourist Market

Malindi Co-operative Handicraft Market - Come see the sculptors at work transforming a chunk of wood into a cultural relic! You will see authentic African sculptors works ranging from Maasai carvings, Kisii soapstone, animal sculptors, ancient drums, beads, bowls and batiks depicting the cultural heritage from our ancestors Visit the showroom and behold over 500 woodcarvers at work, and view all the stages in the making of an African sculpture.

African Curio Market

The African Curio market is located after the District Commissioner along seafront road. Come admire and buy authentic African curios, souvenirs, carvings, Kisii soapstone and artifacts to take back home.

Malindi Old Town Tour AND Jua Kali Market

This excursion takes you a visit to the Malindi Old Town with its spice shops, mosques, vegetable and fruit markets, jua-kali workshops, Swahili Cafes and little shops selling kikois, belts, bags, baskets and semi-precious stone jewelry. The tour starts at the square near to the District Commissioner´s Office where there are a number of souvenir shops and then proceeds down to the old town. This is followed by a walk along the waterfront where places of interest are pointed out such as the Malindi Museum, Vasco da Gama´s Pillar, a Portuguese Chapel the fishing market, local bars and well known restaurants. The tour ends with a visit to the Jua Kai Market near to the Fire Station where you will see recycling of materials you have never seen before.

Morning or afternoon makes no difference what time this tour is conducted.