Hell's Kitchen

Hell's Kitchen

Experience a closer contact with a section of the Giriama people going about their normal way of life with nothing organized specially for the tourist. This excursion will be guided by a highly experienced tour-guide who is well informed about the country’s historical, social, cultural, political and economical background with many years experience in tourism.

Guests are collected from the hotel between 7.15am and 7.30am. The excursion begins by driving through Malindi Estates in town and then out in the bush where you will stop under a big tree. At this point you will be given a lot of information and tips about the culture of the local people in comparison with the other cultures of the Kenyan people. The excursion then takes you through various places of interest in the villages, water collecting points, markets, workshops etc. Here you get the impression about how the local people conduct their business, the social and economical “African way of life”.

As you walk through the bush, you will be given more information on plants of medicinal value as well as of poisonous plants. A visit to a local medicine man enlightens you on this practice as well as giving you a chance to get treated for various ailments. You could also try his famous love charms.

Apart from the medicine man, you will see different activities in the villages. Then you will drive through the plantation, villages and cross over Sabaki River (second longest in Kenya). Here you will visit a Giriama village where you are entertained by Giriama dancers. Then you precede Hell’s Kitchen to for a picnic lunch. This is otherwise known as the Marafa Depression or locally known as Nyari by the local people. It is an extensive series of sandstone gorges ranging from off-white to pale pinks and from oranges to deep purples and sheer gullies. This unique and otherworldly landscape has become part of local folklore where the local people have a superstitious belief about “Shetani” living there. Then you are driven through the bush-savannah vegetation and plantations rich with mangoes, oranges, cashew nuts etc. through local villages and back to your hotel at 5.30pm.

Although “hot”, this excursion is one of the most popular excursions on the coast and is highly recommended for visitors who are at the coast or in the country for the first time or repeaters.