Tsavo West

Tsavo West

Also commonly referred to as “land of lava, springs and man-eaters”.

The savannah ecosystem comprises of open grasslands, scrublands, and Acacia woodlands, belts of riverine vegetation and rocky ridges. Major wildlife attractions include elephant, rhino, hippos, lions, cheetah, leopards, buffalos, diverse plant and bird species including the threatened corncrake and near threatened Basra red warbler.

Recent volcanoes, lava flows and caves with potential for geological and cave exploration and hiking.

Mzima springs have underwater hippo and fish watching.

Gallery - Tsavo West

Tabia Elephants Lake 1
Tabia Elephants Lake 2
Tabia Elephants Lake 3
Tabia Elephants Lake 4
Tabia Elephants Lake 5
Tabia Elephants Lake 6
Tabia Tsavo Buffalo Calf
Tabia Tsavo Buffalo Water Hole
Tabia Tsavo Hammerkop
Tabia Tsavo Kudu Male
Tabia Tsavo Kudu
Tabia Tsavo Warthog
Tabia Tsavo Waterbuck 2
Tabia Tsavo Waterbuck 3
Tabia Tsavo Waterbuck
Tabia Tsavo Wild Dog 2
Tabia Tsavo Wild Dog 3
Tabia Tsavo Wild Dog
Tabia Tsavo Zebra Waterhole
Tabia Tsavo Zebra